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Doors Push or Pull Review

Doors Push or Pull is an application created by SoulShared Games LLC. Doors Push or Pull was first published on . Doors Push or Pull is available on Steam.

You are trapped in a endless hallway of doors. Push the doors that are marked push and pull the doors marked pull. There is no escape.. eventually you will pull a push door or push a pull door- once you do your game is over.

How to play
- Click and drag up to push doors open.
- Click and drag down to pull doors open.
- Correctly push or pull doors to earn coins.
- Swipe in the center of two doors to open both.

Be sure to avoid broken or locked doors. If you see a door marked with "Use other door"- use the other door.

Spend coins to decorate your rooms. Rooms you decorate will randomly appear while your play. If you successfully open a decorated room you will receive the bonuses of the items in that room!

Can you get passed 10 Doors? 20 Doors? 100 Doors? Are you the best push/puller in the world?! Find out and play Doors Push or Pull today!

Accept the fate of no escape. Will you push or pull that door incorrectly?

Doors Push or Pull

4.2 / 5

Doors Push or Pull Logo
Author: SoulShared Games LLC
Size: 270 MB available space

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